Accordion door / Partition door

Accordion / Partition door

We sell, service, and install operable panel partitions, operable walls [ Air wall ], folding panel partitions, folding doors, folding walls, moveable walls, retractable walls, sliding walls, airwalls, and accordian doors.We offer more accordion door, divider, partition and folding door options at lower prices. The accordion type of door is pleated with many vertical folds and supported by rollers inserted in a track mounted at the top. As it is closed the folds of the door resemble the bellows of an accordion creating a folding divider interior door system that opens by folding back in sections rather than swinging on hinges. The folds may vary in size and finish depending on the application and desired look or appeal. The accordion type of door is pleated with many vertical folds and supported by rollers inserted in a track mounted at the top.

 Every accordion door and folding door is custom made to your specification.Accordion doors are suspended from an overhead track and provide instant space division whenever it’s needed. To close the opening, just grab the handle on the lead post, walk the door across the opening, and latch in the jamb receiver.The tracks are designed for different weights and ceiling conditions. Accordion door tracking systems are designed with ceiling guards and alignment channels to ensure the accordion door seals tightly. A selection of heavy duty aluminum track systems is available to accommodate various ceiling conditions. The track is equipped with inter-locking keys for precise alignment, which ensures long carrier and door life. Steel ball bearing carriers  covered with nylon tires support the wall in the overhead track.It’s always cheaper to avoid repairs by keeping operable wall systems (also known as air walls) properly maintained. Your air wall system is probably the largest piece of mechanical equipment on your property. Like all mechanical devices, things need to be tightened, aligned, lubricated and cleaned periodically to protect the investment


Closets doors, room dividers, security doors, see through partitions, and acoustical sound barriers for dividing a room. The accordion door has some great advantages over other methods of creating a door or dividing a space. Easily fits any width opening without building a wall or compromising the use of the area as a whole. They can be fabricated as an acoustical divider to block out sound between areas when required.

How you know you need Accordion or partition door ?

This decision should be based on the sound rating you are looking to achieve, the amount of times you plan to reconfigure, the budget requirements and the function of the room.

There are many styles of operable wall to choose from:

  • Accordion doors or folding partitions
  • Timber framed glass walls
  • Movable glass partitions
  • Frameless glass walls
  • Aluminum track systems
  • Self supported system used with operable, glass or accordion partitions
  • Portable partitions ideal for schools and churches
  • Pocket doors
  • Mobile partitions to create rooms within rooms

Operable Wall and Air Wall Repairs

We specialize in repairing operable wall and airwall systems. Operable walls and airwalls break for many reasons. Sometimes an air wall system that would have been better suited in a school or church has been installed in a hotel and is not holding up to hotel requirements and usage. Sometimes the personnel setting up and moving the folding wall system are not as careful as they should be and are the cause of the problem. Sometimes the original installation of the operable wall system was not done properly. And, sometimes, things simply break. We have extensive knowledge of all major folding wall brands, including Hufcor, Modernfold, Panelfold, Moderco and Kwik Wall. With many years of repair experience, we know what breaks and why. We have new operable wall parts for “air walls” that are still in production and we have reconditioned parts for most walls that are out of production.

 Locally owned and operated in Houston, call us now at Phone : [512] 814  – 8840.

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