Aftermarket Product solutions :

Dor and dok systems  aftermarket Solutions are available to support your material handling needs. Our products are available to upgrade your existing equipment and to enhance the safety and energy efficiency of your loading dock and warehouse. Whatever your warehouse or loading dock needs, dor and dok systems has the product and service solutions to fill the order. Like double Rail System, Single Rail system, safety gates, Column guard, Door track guard, Pallet rack, Loading dock light, Loading dock fan, HVLS fans, Barrier gate, Building protection, vehicle restraints, and  hydraulic conversion kits  and more.

Here is a partial listing of the aftermarket products that we install and integrate.

Sectional and Rolling steel doors

  • Motor operators, automation systems, controls.
  • Track, springs, hinges, rollers, bearings and plates, springs, drums, cable.
  • Weather stripping.
  • Safety sensors, locks and lock systems.

High Performance doors/ High speed doors

  • Bottom guides.
  • Tension, counter weight, and windbar straps.
  • Timers, flip flop relays, digital gateways, kill switches.
  • Limit belts, spring plungers and straps, tension rollers, coil cords.

Dock Equipment upgrades

  • Safety and lighting: lights and light systems, impact barriers, reflect/guide stripes.
  • Equipment upgrades: leveler and  air conversion kits, hydraulic conversion kits, LED upgrade kits
  • Energy saving: weather seals and pleats, truck fans.
  • Protective systems: bumpers, gates, track guards, safety rails.

Pedestrian doors

  • Replacement hardware.
  • Locks and lock systems.
  • Operators.
  • Motion and safety sensors.
  • Electrical wiring.
  • Weather sealing.

We carry replacement parts and accessories for every major brand of  loading dock  and motor operated gates, Access control and industrial / commercial  door equipment. We provide 24/7  365  days service and support for your aftermarket product requirements.

Energy Saving products and Accessory solutions

There are many factors make your loading dock and warehouse safe, productive and energy efficient. There are many products and solutions meet your particular application or situations which can offer much grater ROI on long term than the traditional loading Dock and warehouse. Equipment.
Many of the common problems encounter when working with customers includes

  • OSHA, AIB, USDA, FDA etc compliance
  • Excessive cooling or heating cost
  • Theft and or product damage
  • Poor employ comfort which result in reduce productivity
  • Safety concerns
  • Out of control repair and service cost
  • Excessive door panel, Tracks or equipment damage
  • Moisture, water infiltration, and condensation due to rapid temperature changes
  • Building damages, wall damage or structural damage

These problems and many others can be reduced or completely eliminated with reliable products we offer by working with various manufactures. We offer unmatchable quality product and service, we offer multiple solutions for the same problem you face. We give always a choice of selection according to your budget. We make free assessment on your facility for best solution. The key to the uninterrupted operation is proper installation. We never cut corners to save few bucks for quality or workmanship, all the work is done by our factory trained technicians and we stand behind make sure quality and workmanship never compromise.

track guard

  Locally owned and operated in Houston,call us today at Phone :[512] 814- 8840 .

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