Air Curtain / Air door:

Air door/ Air curtain

Air curtain units are designed to keep the circulation of hot and cold air steady to help lower your energy costs, and they also help keep outside winds from blowing inside and altering the internal temperature of your commercial establishment. An air curtain does not act as a physical barrier, but is designed to retain air conditioned or heated air, reduce cooling or heating loads while allowing the use of an ‘open door’ policy and keeping smells and other contaminants out. An air door will also work to keep bugs, insects, and other nuisances from entering your place. Applications can be retail premises, sales outlets, cold stores, busy main entrance, busy warehouse and reception areas. With any air curtain it is essential that the ‘jet’ of air reaches the floor and covers the entire door width. An air curtain should therefore enhance comfort and save energy.


  • Increased comfort
  • Energy savings
  • UL listed
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Dust and insect control
  • Protects against entry of smoke and noxious fumes
  • Unit includes remote control
  • Tried, tested and trusted over many years
  • Simple to install  plug and play
  • Available in 24”, 30″  36″, 40″, 48″ and 60″ models
  • Not recommended for outdoor use
  • Control flexibility

Dor and Dok Air Curtains are available in standard lengths of  24″, 30”, 36”, 40” and 60″ and are available made from aluminum and stainless steel. The stainless steel air curtains are ideal for applications in corrosive or hazardous areas. If you need a blow off device why settle for an inferior one when you could have the best, a dor and dok air curtain.

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