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Dor and Dok systems success is built on service, quality, and performance achieved with a team approach. We provide the people, systems, technology, and experience to create a physical environment that supports and maintain or improve your core business and mission. Our fully integrated facility maintenance and repair program and stand-alone facility services meet the most stringent requirements of our clients, not only in quality but also in safety.  we accept recommendations from our clients while carefully focusing on the use of products that are more environmentally friendly to achieve outstanding results. We are committed to the go green initiatives in the products we use as well as in our day to day business operations.

What is the real cost of a W-2’d employee?

 Do you know what the real cost of a W – 2 ‘d employee is to perform your facility maintenance needs? A lot more then you might think. Consider the following: To properly respond to Facility Maintenance work orders your employee must have a vehicle, gasoline, license plates, cell phone, vehicle upkeep and maintenance, employee benefits, vacation pay, taxes, workman’s comp insurance, liability insurance, tools, inventory, a support staff, potential theft and more. Oh yeah, and if the job isn’t done right the first time you end up paying the same employee to go back and try to fix it again .We live and breathe honesty, integrity and trustworthiness and strive to build strong, long lasting relationships with all our stakeholders (our clients, employees, suppliers, creditors, owners and the communities we serve). A primary commitment to our clients is to never sacrifice quality for quantity. We are in business to make a profit but not at the expense of jeopardizing valuable relationships.

The Cost of unsafe doors, loading dock and code compliance:

Expensive Equipment repairs, rising medical expenses, customer and Employee accidents, lost administration time, costly lawsuits and settlements. The Cost of Inefficient doors, loading dock equipment and  Access control. Downtime, lost Productivity and revenue, poor public Image, low employee morale.

1   Automatic doors

Automatic pedestrian doors should be inspected and tested to industry best practices at least annually by an American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturer (AAADM) certified inspector. Fire-rated rolling, sliding, accordion, and swinging doors should be inspected and tested not less than annually to the criteria found in NFPA 80 (fire) and NFPA 105 (smoke). Based on code language in the 2009 edition of NFPA 101 (life safety), primary egress doors in certain occupancies will be required to be inspected and tested not less than annually

2    Fire doors [ Drop Testing and NFPA 80 Compliance]

A “Drop Test” is required to confirm that your fire doors will close automatically during a fire emergency. National Fire Protection Association standards NFPA 80 require business owners, property and facility managers to have their rolling and sliding fire doors inspected and tested annually, and to maintain written documentation of these inspections

3   Loading dock equipments

Dor and Dok systems sells, repairs, and expertly installs loading dock equipment including seals, dock shelters, dock levelers and trailer restraints. We understand that your dock equipment must allow goods to be transferred safely and efficiently, often accommodating heavy loads, uneven bed heights, and unevenly distributed loads. Poorly functioning dock equipment can result in costly down time or tragic accidents. If your dock equipment is malfunctioning, don’t wait, call us today

 Locally owned and operated in Houston, call us today at Phone: [ 512] 814 – 8840 .

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