Chain link security dock door

Chain link security door :

Chain link security door

Chain link offers the highest visibility and can accommodate specific visibility, design, and air space requirements. The Chain link Security door allows airflow into the building while giving your facilities a strong intruder barrier that is locked down and secure at an affordable price. Chain link security doors are custom made and retrofit with your existing door and you can have the option of automation. If your facility management wants to meet the new G.F.S.I,U.S.D.A, A. I. B and F.D. A  guidelines, restrict unauthorized entry into the facility, curb employee theft and control major access points within their facility this is the right product to consider. Mesh Screens are also available to meet Federal specifications STD A – A – 1037 B for security doors and applications involving food storage. Springs : Torsion springs on a continuous ball bearing cross header shaft are standard. Hollow shaft is standard. Solid shaft available. Lock: End style lock, inside locking only is standard. Other models  is available.

Optional door selections and models available.

  • High Lift
  • Vertical Lift
  • Stand alone
  • Behind rolling
  • Motor operated
  • Dual Track Model
  • Switch Track Model


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