Commercial Sky Light service :

commercial skylight


Dor and dok systems can repair any existing system or install today’s most advanced systems. Dor and Dok systems offers a full line of quality acrylic, polycarbonate and glass structural and unit skylights with a wide range of finishes and limitless designs. All units are designed for standard and custom industrial skylight applications and utilize the most energy efficient, durable, maintenance free materials available. Commercial skylights offer a myriad of advantages over non natural lighting. Correctly installed industrial skylights will not only create a sense of ambiance for your establishment; they can also help regulate energy costs. Depending on the use of the room further sun shading or sun screening or privacy may be required. For instance, an office or public space within a roof space may benefit from having a skylight blind with dim out fabric to control the glare of the sun on a monitor screen or reduce the effect of UV rays on a work station. Furthermore, if the roof space is being used as a kitchen, bedroom or bathroom use of a blackout fabric can be specified to provide privacy.


  • Dor and dok systems sky light will protect your furniture and carpet
  • Dor and dok are heat blockers: dramatically reducing unwanted heat
    Lower your utility costs
  • Easy Hassle Free Installation
  • Dor and Dok allow you to still enjoy the light and view but get rid of the heat and prevent UV damage
  • We with our custom hand made Skylight Dor and Dok you can be worry free, our work is fully warranted
  • Blocks up to 90% UV radiation to protect carpets, floors and furniture
    Made to fit your brand of skylight properly: not one size fits all or fits several styles
  • Enjoy the light and view but get rid of the heat and fading

We work on the most challenging projects, finding viable solutions to the most difficult repairs. We approach skylight repairs from a perspective that comes from decades of hands on experience . We have the dedicated and experienced manpower and the resources to complete any project. There is always a  best solution and we work very hard to match the very best solution avilable to the customer’s budget, needs and desires.

Locally owned and operated in Houston, call us today at Phone : [ 512] 814 – 8840 .

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