Counter weight doors

Counter weight door :

counterweight door

Counterweight doors are primarily used for garages. Its accessibility and simple functionality is a definite need for any household. And when it comes to the service and installation of counterweight doors. We do not only know the importance of a well functioning counterweight door for a home but also the importance of quality materials that can guarantee a longer lasting product overall.

To receive the best quality for the value of your investment is what we always aim to provide. Our customers must always receive the service they paid for, and not just to have a counterweight door installed or repaired but to have it done with the best materials available. From ply, timber, sheet metals, and others, our products are very durable and long-lasting. Also, our professionals will guide you in making the right choice that fits your home and meets your needs and wants.

Dor and Dok values the importance of the timeliness to complete a project. In any home or establishment, anything that disrupts an everyday routine can cause stressful situations. And we understand how important it is to stay on top of a project, maximize the time estimated, and complete the installations as soon as possible in order to keep our customers and clients happy.

In the aspect of design, repair, installation and timeliness in completing projects, Dor and Dok is established to take on any job with the eagerness and drive to compete this within set schedule while achieving all the details our client wants. No two client or projects are the same, so we offer personalized services that fit your requirements. Our team goes above and beyond to provide you the best quality service you deserve.

Locally owned and operated in Houston, call us today at Phone : [ 512] 814 – 8840.

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