On – site surveys, assessments, recommendations :

Dock Seals and  Dock Shelters

We offer both dock seals and dock shelters to accommodate any dock opening size. Both options greatly reduce energy costs through reduced heating and cooling of your facility. Dock seals create a tight fitting seal directly around the trailer. They use the compression of high density memory foam to seal the gaps. Dock shelters accommodate larger opening sizes without interfering with the forklift’s path into the trailer. They create a barrier around the exterior of the trailer and hug the sides and top to create a seal. We are happy to survey your facility and discuss your individual needs to recommend the proper selection for your application.

Why have a dock Assessment? With the number of trucks  “ in and out”  of your facility, the docks are a busy place. So busy, that you can’t afford to have a dock down at that critical time of the day, week, month or season. With more and more companies going with “Just In Time” manufacturing, each dock’s dependable operation is more critical than ever before.

  • Expert assessments of the “Critical Areas” of your dock
  • Dock equipment survey of condition and ability to serve you productively
  • Written evaluations and recommendations for repair or replacement

Product demonstrations

  • Local “Demo Sites” of specific products and applications
  • At your Site product demonstrations to minimize time away from office

On – site demonstrations

We have demonstration trailers to bring products to your plant. Dock Levelers and seal and shelter demonstration pieces as well as a full trailer of upgrades and aftermarket replacement products can all be shown at your facility.

Door and dock Planning and design services

  • Application or industry specific design assistance
  • Industry “Trends” impact and Product Solutions
  • Dock Safety Systems Planning

Loading Dock design Services

Effective dock planning requires an eye to the future. Your docks must meet today’s needs and tomorrow’s. Changes in the trucking and material handling industry have dramatically affected dock design.

Some examples include:

  • Just – in time manufacturing and warehousing
  • High – cube trailers
  • Air – Ride suspensions
  • These developments have obsoleted previous “cookie-cutter” dock designs. Don’t depend on yesterday’s design to meet tomorrow’s changing and demanding needs. Bring a dock expert into your planning and building process.

Dor and Dok systems, has been working with Architects, End Users and Contractors to stay on top of evolving trends to assure the best solutions for our customers. We have specific Loading Dock Design Presentations that are even “registered” courses of instruction on Dock Design for the AIA continuing education program.

Loading Dock Safety

There is a growing recognition that a safe dock depends on a lot of things, including up-to-date dock design, proper load – handling procedures, effective supervision, and trained people.

Fly – in Program

Centered around your needs/ Application, Dor and Dok system’s Fly -in is a custom-planned visit. During a one or two-day program, you’ll gain a thorough understanding of industrial safety systems , Loading Dock product and safety solutions. Your itinerary will include visits to our manufacturing plants, product showrooms, talks with engineers and other staff.

  • Complete Product Showrooms
  • Manufacturing Facilities

Continuing Education Courses :

Loading dock safety

This presentation takes you through the safety issues at your dock and within your plant.

Loading dock design

This course covers issues related to dock design including: Safety, Dock heights, door sizes, leveler size, capacity, type, grade, Seals & Shelters, Restraints, lighting, to mention just some.

Locally owned and operated in Houston  TX, Call us today at Phone : [ 512] 814 – 8840 .


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