Dock Communication Lights and Control

 Dock communication/ Dock alert  at the loading dock :


Dock communication light provide enchanced dock safety by providing inside and outside positive visual communication between the dock personnel and the truck driver, with universal red and green light display. The system includes two light communication systems one outside on the loading dock wall and one inside the building. The traditional vehicle restraint signaling system is a familiar fixture at plants and warehouses. The system uses green and red lights to signal the status of the vehicle restraint to the forklift operator and the driver of the semi trailer.A green light inside tells the forklift operator it is safe to enter a trailer because the restraint is locked and the trailer is secured to the dock. When the inside light is green, the light on the exterior of the dock is red so that the truck driver knows not to pull away from the dock while the trailer is still being serviced. The lights are reversed when the restraint is unlocked and the truck driver knows it is safe to depart from the dock. Dock communication light is also known us red/ green light, safety light,No go light, safety signal etc

Communication light 

  • Integral eyebrow type sun visors provide extended visibility while shielding the lights from rain and snow.
  • Available with long life energy effient LED’s or economical incandescent signal lamps.
  • Durable plastic housing (in safety yellow or black) will not rust, pit or corrode.
  • Shallow depth of unit reduces risk of damage

Dock Control System

  • Interconnects and integrates control of dock leveler, vehicle restraint and other loading dock equipment
  • Simplifies and streamlines dock operation  eliminates multiple control boxes and power lines
  • Operates devices in proper sequence to improve safety, security and environmental control and maximize productivity

 Optional add on

  • Door or leveler mounted photo eye sensor or limit switch for automatic light control
  • Control panel with dock leveler and door interlocks with operator load function for leveler and inside green light control
  • Integrated control panel for safe integration of communication lights, dock leveler, door and vehicle restraint with full pre-wired interlocks and optional fused disconnect

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