The loading dock is a critical part of any warehouse operation. It is the primary pickup and drop off point for your business. And while this area plays such a significant role in your company’s profits, it can also cost your company money if you don’t take the proper steps.

No matter how closely a truck fits into your loading dock, there could still be air and other elements that can enter your warehouse via the gap between the two. Dock Shelters and Seals can help prevent some of this from happening. There are a couple of different options available to help you secure your dock.

The first is a compression Dock Seal. These seals use the power of compression to provide an energy-efficient barrier around your loading dock bay openings. There is also a dock seal. This kind of seal will enclose the area around where your dock bay meets the truck. You will have access to the inside of the trailer without the elements becoming an issue. The temperature will stay constant and not cause your warehouse to expend more energy, trying to heat or cool the building.

Dock shelters are designed to do the same thing as seals. A shelter isn’t as tight as a seal, but it does allow more flexibility. Shelters can be used on larger trucks since it functions more like a cover. Warehouse help keep your building safe. They also aid in regulating the temperature of your building. If their seals are broken, or the doors get cracks, extreme air temps will enter the structure. Check your doors regularly to make sure they are in good operating condition. Make any adjustments and repairs needed, so your doors don’t drive up your energy costs.

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