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Industrial/ Commercial HVLS Fans :

HVLS fan

Dor and Dok introduces its newest and most innovative high volume low speed industrial ceiling fan. The principle behind H.V.L.S fans is to move large volumes of air using large diameter fan blades moving at a slow rotational speed. A simple fact is that large ceiling fans move more air than small ceiling fans. Even at lower speeds, the cooling effect of large-bladed fans is similar to that of the high velocity fans with smaller fan blades. H.V.L.S Series is available up to 24 feet in diameter and can be used to efficiently cool very large, high ceiling commercial spaces, such as industrial warehouses, big box stores, manufacturing and assembly plants, gymnasiums, theaters, sports arenas and airports. H.V.L.S (high volume, low speed industrial) ceiling fans are made of lightweight components for ease of installation and maintenance. Compared to other commercial H.V.L.S ceiling fans, the cost of installation is lower for our fans. The fan system can be installed by a single person. Because of our unique built in hoist mechanism, once the mounting hardware is secured to the ceiling, raising the fan assembly to ceiling height does not require cranes or heavy lifting equipment.

H.V.L.S fans provide year round comfort cooling when it’s hot and circulating warmth when it’s cold,feature a direct drive motor that is sleek and silent in operation. Our fans can reduce your energy bill by up to 30%  –  40 % during both summer and winter. Our H.V.L.S Fans is engineered to deliver the smootest, most efficient, and most precise airflow possible. We only use world class, industrial grade components and the highest quality parts to ensure the most efficient and reliable fan possible. When H.V.L.S fans slowly rotate they effectively move air 3 – 5 miles per hour. This air movement is sufficient to break up the moisture saturated boundary layer that surround our bodies. As sweat evaporates a cooling effect is produced which gives body comfort. Ideal humidity level is important in  warehouse space just not just for well being of its occupants  also for long term safeguarding of equipments and goods. In generally HVLS  fans maintain constant temperature as well as reducing excessive humidity as fan generate air movement .

Safety features

  • Safety Cable
  • Hub Clips
  • Hub Retainer
  • Blade Collars
  • Integrated Sprinkler Shut Off.


  • Brushed Aluminum (standard)
  • Red/Green/White/Black/Blue/Yellow/Gold

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