Motor Operators

Motor Operators :

motor operated gate

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Overhead Gate Openers :

Overhead gate openers are generally commercially used in underground parking garages where space is at a premium. They lift the gate overhead very similar to a typical garage door opener. In this instance the gate may weigh much more than a garage door. The operator and track hardware is built much heavier to accommodate these loads.

Under Ground Gate Operators (also known as: In Ground Gate Opener and Below Grade Gate Operator)

Underground operators are also known as in-ground gate openers, or below-grade gate operators. These units are available as electro-mechanical and hydraulic. The electro mechanical configuration is the most common. What sets these operators apart from other gate openers is their near invisible appearance. Generally these units cannot operate gates wider than 10 ft., so almost all installations are bi-parting (two piece) gates. Due to installation and equipment costs being a bit higher, these units are typically used on higher end projects

Swing Arm Gate Openers

Swing arm gate openers are available with a top or bottom mounted arm. The top mounted arm units generally are larger, have a very heavy chassis, and large oil soaked gear reduction boxes. They are very durable and are great for heavy usage. The bottom arm style such as the Doorking 6100 are aesthetically pleasing because the arm located at the bottom of the gate is not noticeable. The bottom arm units are constructed less robustly than their heavier counterparts, but have a similar life span.

Column Mount Gate Openers and Carriage door Openers

Column mount gate and carriage door operators are compact and have a separate control cabinet. Most of these units operate on 24VDC. They are excellent for bi-parting (double) gates. The carriage door electric opener is an excellent choice if you have dual swinging garage doors.

Linear Arm Gate Openers

Linear arm operators are also known as ram arm openers and linear actuators. All linear arm operators have an external control cabinet. These units are the easiest to install because the linear arm is welded or bolted directly to the gate and post. Linear arms are available in electro- mechanical which is the most popular and hydraulic which can be used for commercial and heavier gates.

Slide Gate Openers

Slide gates are most commonly used for commercial gate automation systems. However, slide gates are an excellent choice for residential driveway gate automation when the site has steep grades prohibiting the use of a swing gate, or other site restrictions. Slide gates use V-groove wheels on a track. Gate roller guides are used to guide the gate and keep it upright. A mooring point also called a gate catcher is located on the opposite post to stabilize the gate in the closed position

The two most common slide gate opener installations are referred to as a Typical or a Rear Mount (End of Track) Installation. With a Typical Installation, the gate operator is mounted by the gate opening with the chain visible on the inside bottom of the gate. The Rear Mount or ” End of Track ” installation requires slightly more work and additional chain. The advantage with this type of installation is the operator and chain are out of sight which is much more visually appealing

Commercial Vertical Lift, Rolling and Sectional Door Operators

Jackshaft, Drawbar and Gearhead Overhead Door Operators Designed for Vertical, High Lift Sectional Doors and Rolling Steel Curtain Commercial Applications.

Solar Gate Operators

Solar Gate Openers are available in a variety of residential and commercial styles. Attention should be paid to the idle current draw of a solar operator which determines the size of the solar panel needed. The more efficient the control board, the smaller the solar panel needed, and the lower the overall cost of the system. Solar gate systems need efficient peripheral components as well such as low power loop detectors, and low power digital keypads. Solar panels and batteries for driveway gates should be sized accordingly to location. Sunny areas will require smaller panels. In areas with prolonged overcast periods, more battery storage capacity will be required.

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