Self storage door

Self storage door /  Mini storage door:


What is self storage/ Mini storage ?

The term “ self storage or Mini storage ” is short term  for self service storage. A self-storage business provides storage rooms, lockers and/or out door space for rent. They rent self-storage spaces to individuals (usually storing household goods) and small businesses. Rented spaces are usually secured by the tenant’s own lock and key. Unlike a warehouse, employees of a self storage business do not have access to the contents of the space, limiting the storage operator’s liability regarding the renter’s possessions.Metal buildings are a superior option for building construction no matter what your building needs are. They are durable and offer endless flexibility in design. Dor and Dok systems supply and install and service both Rollup door, Swing door and Interior hallway system  to meet the unique demands of the self storage industry. Commercial and mini roll up doors are available in a wide variety of sizes and colors, to complement virtually any building.

Why invest in self-storage?

Self storage offers entrepreneurs, developers, real estate owners and investors the opportunity to diversify their investments with relative safety and confidence. The      self-storage real estate sector has proven to be one of the, if not the most, robust          real estate segments over the past decade, confirming its attraction and resistance       to economic downturn. In the USA the industry has blossomed into a mature and significant asset class.

self storage Roll up doors

Metal roll up doors are perfect for self storage facilities, mini-warehouses, barns and more.Roll up doors to maximize the rentable storage space within the self storage unit.  Roll up doors do not have overhead tracks, which allow for more usable space when stacking items in the unit. Roll up doors are attached to a barrel and coil around it when raised. Roll up doors typically come in wider sizes than swing doors. Swing doors and roll up doors can be interspersed, depending on the size of your units.

Features of Roll up self storage doors

  • High : durability paint last longer won’t fade color.
  • Tension adjuster :  permanently lubricated radial bearings
  • Doorstop channel : Ensure a safe stop every time , made of 12 gauge galvanized steel
  • Low density polyethylene edge wear guards :  Locked to both track edges to protect against door wear and damage
  • Curtain panels : Made of roll formed galvanized steel that provides for high – wind strength and minimum flex.
  • Axle drums : Robotically welded to axle to ensure smooth operation
  • Door mounting brackets :  Made of 12 gauge G90 galvanized coated steel
  • Door tracks  :  18 gauge G90 galvanized steel provides additional panel clearance when door is being closed to prevent door curtain damage
  • Dampening strips:  felt strips are applied to the backside of door curtains to protect the painted surface from damage and aid in smooth quiet operation
  • Latch assembly : Made of corrosive resistant stainless steel that accommodates two shackled locks, locks furnished by the customer
  • Door handles :  Fabricated with smooth rounded edges. 1 handle provided on doors
  • Door bottom : Made of anodized aluminum for resistance to weather and corrosion
  • Rubber seal :  Bulb-type seal retains its shape and sealing ability indefinitely down to -10º .

 Self storage Swing doors

Our durable and secure steel swing doors provide a clean, consistent look for self storage corridors and come in a corrugated style or a smooth, flush finish. They are easily installed, with no sharp edges and will endure years of heavy use. The swing door provides an easy to open alternative to then roll up door. Swing doors are pre assembled for quick and easy installation. These doors are available in matching or accenting colors to complement the roll up doors on your facility and create a bright, clean finish. Our swing doors are  ADA compliant. Available in corrugated and flushed design .

Self storage door locks and latches

Our doors can accommodate a variety of locks and latches. These locks can be placed on the left hand or right hand side on our self storage roller doors and swing doors. The tailor made fit of our locks decreases rattling and improves stability.

The main area to check frequently on mini storage doors

Bottom Bar
The purpose of the bottom bar is to add strength and security to the door. This functional bar has a clean, attractive finish that enhances the appearance of the doors.
Tension set Brackets
Tension set brackets control how easily the self-storage doors open when unlocked. Older self-storage doors lack tension adjusters and require a door technician to readjust the spring tension. Our tension set brackets make adjusting roll-up doors easier, safer and faster. Facility maintenance
personnel can adjust the self  storage doors themselves in as little as five minutes
Latches keep the doors closed and the storage unit’s contents safe.

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