Side sliding grille

Side sliding Grille :

side sliding grille


Collapsible Grilles, Retractable Grilles, Security Grilles, Retractable Security Grilles, Sliding Grills, Collapsible Grills, Retractable Grills, Security Grills, Retractable Security Grills, whatever you call them. Grilles are commonly used in shopping malls, retail stores and for a variety of security purposes. All grilles as designed for your specific requirements. There are a wide range of styles to choose from when considering security grilles or security bars to protect your premises, why not contact us now for a full breakdown of styles and colours available. Side sliding grilles are commonly used inside malls, casinos, airports, and schools to provide a secondary level of security. The flexibility of conforming to curved shapes with no floor track makes accordion grilles an ideal solution for many applications. Dor and Dok systems offers a wide variety of folding, sliding and overhead grilles. Grilles can be manufactured to fit any size or shape opening.Our unobtrusive panels  varying in color,  suit individual company needs and are offered in either single or double stack options. Their careful design ensure:

  • Clear visibility and ventilation when closed
  • Strong rolling steel section uprights
  • Smooth mechanisms
  • Reliability and strength
  • Forms a neat curtain when pushed back

Window security grills and door security grilles offer the ultimate protection against intruders are simple to use and look good, a security grill has major security, safety and appearance advantages over other types of physical security like roller shutters and fixed bars and grilles. Window security grilles and door security grilles stop burglaries by physically protecting windows and doors. The security grille is a major breakthrough in the fight against residential and commercial break ins. It is now widely accepted by Crime Prevention Officers and the insurance industry, that the only way to stop burglaries is to physically protect doors and windows.

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