Truck Restraint

Truck Restraint:

truck restraint


Restraints have been recognized by OSHA since 1981 as an acceptable alternative to wheel chocks. Eliminate the need for the dock attendantto place wheel chocks by purchasing trailer restraints from Dor and Dok Systems. Vehicle restraint systems mount on the warehouse exterior and engage the trailer’s RIG [rear impact guard ]to prevent unwanted trailer motion during loading and unloading operations.Trailer creep and premature trailer departure can cause serious injury and expensive property damage. A good loading dock trailer restraint virtually eliminates these risks, increasing employ safety and improving dock operations. Additionally vehicle restraints hold a trailer snugly to the dock and ensure a snug fit by the dock seal, helping to close gaps, minimize inventory shrinkage and reduce air conditioning energy loss. There are Mechanical, Hydraulic and Electric truck restraint systems generally.Truck restraint limit trailer creep and the chance of premature truck departure from your Dock! The non impact, self aligning truck restraining system offers enhanced safety for your loading dock. Versatile restraint can be easily integrated with any mechanical, hydraulic or pneumatic leveler, and edge of dock or top of dock units.The most economical restraints are manual systems. Manual restraints allow dock attendant to engage the restraint from the dock platform, via a simple actuating mechanism. The ergonomic design of the system minimizes the effort required to engage and release the restraint. Manual restraints offer all the safety benefits of vehicle restraints in a simple, cost effective package. Mechanical restraints are easy to install and maintained. These are easily mounted and installed and easy to relocate if needed.

Types of truck Restraint :

Impact  restraint /Rotating Hook restraint

The rotating hook or impact style restraint is the most common, but often misapplied. It is imperative to have a full understanding of your environment, usage and truck type when selecting a dock lock

Non Impact

vertical barrier style dock locks work great on any OTR truck and on any truck with an RIG (Rear impact guard), formerly known as an ICC bar. Adding moving parts to a rotating hook restraint simply doesn’t work for all intermodal container trailers

Pit Hooks

Pit hook is a unique dock lock that stores completely hidden under the dock leveler

Non Conventional

Not all buildings allow for proper mounting of dock locks to the building wall, due to lack of a solid concrete wall or other               limitations, not all trucks serviced at loading docks are the same. we offer a unique and proven ground mounted dock lock

Wheel chock style

In some applications, the most logical choice for securing a truck is not by the RIG (Rear Impact Guard) bar, formerly known as the ICC bar. Some trucks may not have them or may have lift gates in the way.

1    Basic Wheel chock

Robust, simple, rubber laminated wheel chock

2    Handy chock

Aluminum heavy duty chock with a bright yellow handle, it is easy to use and hard to lose

3    Smart chock

High tech version of the handy chock, Complete with communication lights, door interlock/dock light capability and sensors.

What dock kind of dock lever is right for you ?

Generally, decisions on which type of leveler best suits your company are based on frequency of use, maintenance availability, and budget constraints. Push button levelers, such as hydraulic or air powered levelers, are the easiest to use and lowest maintenance option. Mechanical levelers are the lowest price option. For new installation upgrade or maintenance contact us. Full survey is needed to determine which model or type of truck restraining device is best for your application. Dor and Dok systems  expert account reps can help you find the right solution.

Restraint safety advantage

  • 100% securing the vehicle from vehicle creep and premature departure
  • Robust, great restraining force
  • Trailer upending or landing gear collapse
  • Low initial cost, low maintenance
  • Effective Communication light with  optional alarm

Manual truck Restraint with manual operated communication light

Manual Truck Restraint with Manually Operated Lights provides an extremely safe and efficient loading dock environment by establishing a clear line of communication between the truck driver and the dock attendant. The inside control panel and exterior light package incorporate a red and green signal that work in opposing modes. Green outside light guides the truck into position, while the inside red light warns the attendant that the loading/unloading condition is unsafe. Upon activation of the restraint, the lights are switched to red outside and green inside to warn the driver not to move and indicating a safe condition for the attendant. High visibility exterior caution signs are included help to warn the driver to Pull In or out on green only.

Manual Truck Restraint with Automatic Light

Manual truck restraint with automatic light sequence turns the safety warning lights on and off automatically when restraint is engaged or disengaged.

Manual Truck Restraint features
  • Non  impact design
  • Barrier stores 9” high to EscapeImpact from low rear impact guard
  • Barrier sensor with alarm communicates Positive lock position
  • Barrier automatically adjust to truck movement during loading
  • Vertical locking hook secure virtually all rear impact guards with in excess of 32,000 lbs of restraining force
  • Easy to install simple to operate
  • Solid state controls
  • All weather zinc plated components for superior durability
  • Vertical operating range from 9” to 30“
  • Inside and out side communication lights and signs
  • Housing encloses working parts from inclement weather and debris
  • Mounting force in excess of 100,000 lbs

Automatic Truck restraint

The impact series of vehicle restraints improve safety along with strength, convenience and long-term reliability. It is designed to secure a truck at the loading dock by engaging the rear impact guard with a large rotating hook. The housing is stored above ground, keeping it free of snow, ice, water and debris. The housing automatically adjusts to the various heights of trucks and maintaining position with the rear impact guard during loading. The operator easily activates and stores the barrier with push of a button. The low profile housing lowers to only 9” high to escape damage from low rear impact guards, and will secure standard trailers with 32,000 pounds of restraining force. Dor and Dok Systemsoffers the most extensive line of durable and dependable vehicle restraints which can be used for a variety of applications in many different industries. With our many years of experience and excellent customer service, we can provide solutions to meet any of your material handling needs.

 Pit hook vehicle restraint


  • Non-impact vehicle restraint allows unit to mount under dock pit away from debris
  • Design allows for easy snow removal, clean loading dock appearance
  • Offers unobstructed delivery for hydraulic lift gate trailers and smaller delivery vehicles
  • Exceeds 35,000 lbs. of restraining force
  • Maintains a tight hold on the rear impact guard virtually eliminating trailer creep
  • Helps eliminate landing gear collapse by keeping trailer tight to bumpers
  • Working range of down to 9″ above grade up to 30″ above grade
  • Hook floats with trailer during loading


  • Integrated control panel designed to operate all loading dock equipment from a single panel
  • LED red/green inside/outside lights
  • Dock leveler stored interlock
  • NEMA 4 watertight enclosure

Hydraulic Truck Restraint

  • Only 3 major moving parts – hydraulic lift cylinder and dual heavy-duty return springs
  • Applies 35,000 lb of restraining power (10,000 lb mounting force)
  • Restraining arm manufactured from 1.5″ solid steel
  • Corrosion-restraint Nitride coating on piston rod. Cylinder is completely sealed against foreign contamination
  • System operation is authorized by key lock on main control station
Fully automated restraints are a popular option for companies who do not like to leave the safety decision in the hands of their employs. They are a top choice for high volume docks. Automated restraints accommodate a wider range of rear impact guards and allow push-button restraint engagement / disengagement. Most restraints incorporate sensing and signaling hardware to provide visual feedback showing the restraint status. This helps to reduce operator error and dock damage due to accidental trailer departure. While the price and features vary between the restraint systems.

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